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EWM Tax Solutions

About Our Company

Target Greater Opportunities

EWM Tax Solutions serves clients from a vantage point that targets the greater opportunities available when unifying financial planning goals and the current tax situation.

EWM Tax Solutions was created by the founders of EWM Capital, LLC to offer people the advantages that come with high caliber integrated financial services through a professional team of financial advisors with tax backgrounds and other specialties.

By better evaluating and truly planning your tax situation, we are seeking to find the strategies that help you keep more assets, rather than paying taxes.

Why integrate financial and tax planning?

What success would a restaurant have if the chef and the food buyer didn’t discuss the menu and make purchases that diners actually want? Why do we think our financial advisor and our tax preparer can determine action steps for our financial future when they rarely collaborate to achieve your goals?

We agree. The financial advisors of Executive Wealth Management (EWM) understand that decisions made within an individual’s financial plan often have significant tax implications. It has been part of EWM’s financial planning process to include collaboration with their clients’ tax preparer. In practice, however, coordinating that collaboration places the burden on you, the client.

Relieving the Burden

EWM clients no longer need to carry the burden of working to coordinate their financial advisor and tax preparer. Now experienced tax advisors can provide expert tax planning and preparation services and bring the EWM Tax Solutions team advantage to every client.

EWM Tax Solutions' Mission

Earn More, Save More, Live More is more than a winning slogan. It’s built from our mission:

Helping clients

We’re committed to a proven philosophy, and we’ve invested in a disciplined process to help you financially prosper.

Helping clients
Keep MORE.

We have an experienced team of specialists developing strategies to defend what you’ve worked to accumulate.

So the people we serve can
Live MORE.

We find an internal reward when you experience the freedom to enjoy your wealth with confidence.

Simplifying the complex for our clients helps create a clearer vision for the future.

Our clients are better equipped to make financial decisions when they have a team that can help them walk through multi-dimensional options and how their choices may impact their financial plan.

Imagine looking through a pair of binoculars that has only one working lense. How much clearer, focused, and farther you’ll be able to see with both lenses working! That’s the advantage EWM Tax Solutions can bring to your financial picture.

Your financial life isn't a separate compartment of your world. It is very connected to the people you care about and the things you want to do. You have dreams.

  • Travel & Adventure
  • Lifestyle Today
  • Lifestyle Through Retirement
  • New Business Venture
  • Business Succession
  • Celebrating Life Events
  • Dependable Security
  • Philanthropy
  • Transferring Wealth
  • Living Your Legacy

Get the disjointed pieces of your financial life together so you can earn more, keep more, and live more. Schedule a complimentary consultation.