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The complexity is our part

When someone tells you that tax preparation has become much simpler, take caution. The challenge of helping you save more requires smart tax services that are ready to dive into the complexity for you.

Complexity is where the opportunity lies. It’s where we get fired up.

EWM Tax Solutions offers you and your family a truly integrated tax solution.

Our team of tax specialists is bringing you professionally coordinated financial services that help you avoid negative surprises (no one likes those).

We’re focused on tax planning and strategies that help you keep what you’ve earned. Keeping you safely in-line, we’re finding the opportunities that legislators have created in the federal and local tax codes that apply to your particular circumstances.

While we’re digging deep, you experience a simple, professional process.

Expert tax planning doesn’t have to be painful. You’ll find the results on the sign-and-file side. Our clients keep coming back because they’re keeping more of what they’ve earned. That’s the way it should be.

Tax Law Roundtable

How is your portfolio impacted by taxes?

Watch the Tax Roundtable with Greg Barber and Kyrstin Reitsema. They cover topics that help bring clarity to important tax planning areas, including:

  • Tax-Free Income
  • 401K | Roth 401K
  • Cafeteria Plans
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Other Tax-Deferred Options

The Nuts and Bolts of Foreign Tax Credits

Greg Barber provides a helpful overview for U.S. Citizens employed abroad or those who own shares in a company that is domiciled outside the U.S.

Making Sense of the Alternative Minimum Tax

Greg Barber covers what you need to know about the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), including things you will want to be aware of that are treated differently in the AMT calculations.

Get the disjointed pieces of your financial life together so you can earn more, keep more, and live more. Schedule a complimentary consultation.