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Experience Truly Integrated
Financial Services.
We are a team of financial advisors and tax specialists who engage to give clients a greater opportunity to earn and keep wealth. Learn How We Can Help

Is your tax preparer...

  • helping you to understand: When it's the right time to defer income?
    When it's the right time to recognize/report more income?
    How wealth planning integrates with your tax matters?
    That a "simple" and short tax return generally costs you more in taxes?
  • helping you to: Seek and use better strategies?
    Integrate the financial advisors plans as it relates to taxes?
    Time transactions to create savings opportunities?
    Understand and leverage the "pork" in tax law for YOUR advantage?
    Use credits versus deductions when advantageous?
    Consider optimal filing statuses?
    Avoid seeking short-term strategies that cost you more in the long-run?

Life Has Many Moving Parts

Your financial life is too important to segment it between uncoordinated financial advisors and consultants. We want to help you get the most important financial components synchronized to work smoothly together.

When you work with EWM Tax Solutions, you are opening the door to a place where your financial life can be fully integrated.
It’s the way it should be.

Experience a Team with a Truly Holistic Approach

When you fail to integrate tax planning with your financial plan, you risk losing what you’ve worked hard to earn and accumulate.

The EWM Tax Team works with your EWM financial advisor to guide you through the most important aspects of your financial life by bringing defensive tax strategies that align with your comprehensive financial plan.

EWM Tax offers you and your family a truly integrated tax solution.

  • Simple, Professional Process
  • Coordinated, Experienced Team
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Timely Updates
  • Expert Tax Planning
  • Comprehensive Tax Preparation
  • Guided Tax Resolution
  • Seeking to Avoid Negative Surprises
  • Strategies to help you keep more of what you've earned

Getting started is easy.

There are Two Simple Avenues to getting started:

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Earn More

The philosophy and disciplined process to help you financially prosper.

Keep More

Strategies to defend what you've worked to accumulate.

Live More

Freedom to enjoy your wealth with confidence.

Get the complex pieces of your financial life working together to build, defend, and advance your wealth.

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