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EWM Tax Solutions

Our Services

Preserve Your Wealth

EWMT seeks to serve individuals and their family members by identifying opportunities that can be implemented to lower taxes. By doing so, we are simultaneously helping to preserve wealth.

EWM Tax Solutions is helping you and your family keep more of what you’ve earned through a truly integrated tax solution with services that include the following:

  • Preparation of individual tax returns
  • Assistance with estimated tax payments (Safe Harbor Analysis)
  • Assistance with understanding & response to tax notices
  • Married vs. Joint Filing Optimization
  • Preparation of amended individual tax returns
  • Social Security Analysis (take vs. wait)
  • Planning for major financial transactions
  • Tax Minimization Analysis
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis for Roth IRA Funding
  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Capital Gain/(Loss) Planning
  • Understanding Foreign Income & Tax Implications
  • Stock Option Analysis
  • Tax-Advantaged Investing

Clear Fixed Pricing

With our depth of experience, it wasn't difficult to create a simple pricing structure that gives you results. Keeping it simple for our clients is part of our mission.

Pricing: (Unlike the tax code, it’s straightforward and clear.)

  • Individual or Joint Return (without business activity): $250
  • Individual or Joint Return (with business activity): $500
  • Dependent Returns: $95

Please note: EWMT services are not intended for non-US citizens or non-resident aliens.

Client Portal

Simplifying the process on your end includes providing a secure client portal to easily and safely upload your electronic files to our office. Still like paper and the US Post Office delivery? It’s our pleasure to work with what works best for you.

Track Your Filing

For those of you who like to keep tabs on things, we offer timely updates to your filings so you can always check on where they are as they travel through the bureaucratic labyrinth of our local, state, and federal offices.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

When dealing with tax issues, there is no substitute for the combination of knowledge and experience.  EWM Tax Solutions provided me the guidance I needed so that I could properly file an amended return for the previous year and get those taxes refunded. They also showed me how I can confidently claim qualified medical deductions and obtain a significant tax refund.

Alan Thelen

Get the disjointed pieces of your financial life together so you can earn more, keep more, and live more. Schedule a complimentary consultation.